Your brand recognition
is of importance
and is our highest priority!

Business cards

Web design
Web pages

Outdoor marketing
Lighted letters for office buildings
Branding of offices

To make your advertisement, we will devise a plan and execute it step by step.

A good idea makes a great start.


Message. Visuals. Graphic Design.

Great ideas need to be expressed visually to achieve popular recognition. We can identify your future audience and target your message accordingly.

Brand positioning and Marketing Campaign

Identifying a target group. Channeling the message. Teasing the public. Develop an issue of the message. Mixing marketing channels. Finally, reminder campaign.


Media certificates. Research Analysis.

Raitz communications, Sofia, Bulgaria can develop your brand’s image through effective outdoor marketing, print and web design. We offer advertisement services for the Bulgarian market. We are experienced providers of outdoor marketing as our billboards are spread across the country in more than 200 locations. Additional services include print marketing, office branding, logo design, web design, brand image development, marketing channeling of a campaign’s message. We are experienced at advertising!

The agency started at the dawn of the development of the Bulgarian market as Raitz-2 in 1996. Initially offering newspaper advertisement, we have developed, innovated and diversified our portfolio of provided services. We have developed the brand’s image of some of the big names of the Bulgarian market. We continue providing advertisng services for them ever since. We aim at fostering long-term relationships with our clients as we deliver valuable, effective advertising services at competitive pricing compared to the rest of the market.